The Hottest Kitchen Trends for 2016

Every year we try to take some time to give you the hottest trends in kitchen and bathroom design for the next year.

You want to be on top of it, you want to have the hottest countertops, the trendiest flooring, the beautiful materials that will last a lifetime…

…and in this blog we’ll give just that!

The Hottest Kitchen Trends for 2016

Let’s dive in and talk about some of the hottest kitchen trends for 2016:

Transition Kitchens

As the name suggests, transitional kitchens blend a functional kitchen space with a sit-down dining area, a comfortable living room or an outdoor space. With its open look, this type of kitchen allows easy flow from one area to another. Islands are staples in transitional kitchens as more and more homeowners choose to not only use it for prep, but casual dining as well.

White and Grey Cabinets

With more and more homeowners going the transitional or modern route, white kitchen cabinets have started to take shape. According to Houzz’s 2014 Kitchen Remodeling Survey, 49% of their 3,500 users said they currently own white kitchen cabinets. Clearly, white is the dominant color for kitchen cabinets in 2015 in Gilbert and most likely will remain so next year.

Clever Storage

We could all use more storage in Gilbert. Since the kitchen is the most trafficked room in the home, it tends to pile up once and a while. As such, crafty and strategic homeowners are installing clever storage options, such as:

  • Clever corner cabinets or Lazy Susans
  • Freestanding pantries
  • Slender pullout cabinets
  • Rollout trash bins
  • Shelves or magazine files behind cabinet doors
  • Multi-tiered drawers
  • Built-in chopping blocks
  • Hidden docking stations to charge electronics


That space between your cabinets and countertops took on a whole new look in 2015, as unique backsplashes were all the rage.

However, if you do want to follow backsplash trends in 2016, stone, subway tiles and stainless steel are all trending this year and beyond. Stone is not only tough and durable, but blends well with most kitchen styles. Subway tiles, which are generally cheaper, give the kitchen a more modern look. Lastly, steel is quite popular because it reflects light, thus making your kitchen appear bigger.


We’re always on top of the hottest trends here at Capital Mark!