Under-Cabinet Lighting Tips

Highlight your kitchen counters and add some light to darker areas of your kitchen with under-cabinet lighting.

Under-cabinet lighting is becoming the new trend in kitchens these days. Under-cabinet lighting is an inexpensive way to add style and accent your kitchen.

Here are some simple tips on how you can add under-cabinet lighting to your kitchen without hiring an electrician.

1.   First, you will need some basic materials to get started, such as safety glasses, Phillips screwdriver, staples, staple gun, and of course your under-cabinet lights. There are several different lights that you can choose to use; it all just depends on how much lighting you want and how many lights you want to hang.

2.   Start off by laying your lights on your countertop, directly under the cabinets, where you will be mounting them, making sure to space the lights apart evenly. Also, make sure that the plug for the lights is within six feet of a wall outlet. Some newer homes actually have an outlet on the inside of the cabinet, so make sure that the power cord to the lights is inline with that outlet.

3.   You will want to place the lights towards the front of the bottom of the cabinets, but make sure that they are out of sight; you want them to be hidden.

4.   If the under-cabinet lights you have chosen came with mounting hardware, you will want to go ahead and use that to mount the lights to your cabinets. If your lights did not come with hardware you can purchase a mounting kit at any home improvement store depending on the kind of light that you have bought.

5.   Once the lights are mounted, you will want to use your staple gun to staple the light cord to the bottom of the cabinets and hide any visible wires.

6.   If you do not want to use a staple gun to secure the light cord, you can use cord clamps along with screws to secure the cord and any wires.