2016 Color Trends

Shades of off-white are going to be big this year, not only for bathroom and kitchen remodels but throughout your entire Gilbert home.

But, for this blog, let’s focus on what will be hot in 2016 in terms of remodel colors.


Color Trends

How do we know what will be hot this year? Well, to be frank, this is our industry and we know it like the back of our hands.

Additionally, large paint brands like Benjamin Moore and Glidden predict the hot colors before the first off the year, and make sure to have that hot item in marketing materials and on shelves.

These top paint brands have been tracking paint purchases and noticing trends…particularly trends towards softer, subtler colors.

White and off-whites are in this year, and here’s how you can use them:


Here’s a great shot from a recent kitchen remodel done here in Gilbert, Arizona. As you can see, we’ve got a beautiful use of space with an immense amount of storage. And, as you have probably noticed, we used a lot of white and off-whites.


Above is another great example of taking the elegance of white and adding some blue color pops with the wine glasses.


Above is another beautiful Gilbert, Arizona kitchen remodel that used white cabinets combined with white countertops and some light splashes of blue.


One of our favorite bathroom remodels was done with white subway tiles, white countertops and white walls, with splashes of green.

Interested in learning more about color palettes and home remodeling this year? Give us a call! Or stop by our showroom on Val Vista and Ray!