How To Set the Mood in the Kitchen with Lighting

We spend a lot of time talking about design trends, countertop trends, cabinet trends, flooring trends, even decorating trends…

But what about the one thing that, well, without this no one would even be able to truly appreciate your new kitchen remodel:


kitchen lighting

Every detail of your new Gilbert kitchen remodel is essential, from the colors to the materials and textures. But, without those key lighting elements, it’s very difficult to bring to life that dream kitchen.

Lighting Trends

The types of lighting that you use in your kitchen will depend greatly on the them of your kitchen. Obviously, a rustic-themed kitchen will have different lighting elements than a modern kitchen theme.

Take into account the theme of your recent Gilbert kitchen remodel, then decide which lighting elements below might work for you…

Chandelier Pendants – This type of lighting fixture is going to be huge in 2016. Chandelier pendants can be either elegant and modern, or rustic and country. They come in a variety of designs, materials and brushes. If you have an island in your Gilbert home, chandelier pendants are absolutely worth considering.

Modern Centerpiece – While a modern lighting centerpiece won’t work in every home, it’s unique style and one-of-a-kind appeal can bring a punch to your modern kitchen.

Zone Lighting – This technique of lighting utilizes every last space of your kitchen. Usually designed for larger kitchen’s, zone lighting segments each section of your kitchen into zones with particularly unique lighting. These zones can be adjusted according to the use of the room…more light over the oven, less light over the eat-in-kitchen table. You get the idea.

Showcase Lighting – This has to be one of my favorite lighting techniques. With recessed lighting, under-cabinet lighting, even spotlighting, you can literally add a direction to where your guests will look when they enter your Gilbert kitchen.

There are multiple ways to light and show off your new kitchen. Talk to our experts for more information.