Selecting the Perfect Hardware

Just as the perfect set of earrings really give your¬†dress that added pop…

Or those new Cardinals shoes that add something untouchable to your playoff attire…

When you have the right accessories to compliment the right theme or look, something amazing happens.

That’s what we think about when we’re considering the right hardware for kitchen remodels here in Gilbert, Arizona. With the wrong selection of hardware, it’s like wearing Packers shoes with a Cardinal’s jersey…it just doesn’t work.

How To Choose The

But, with the right hardware to compliment that brand new kitchen remodel, the true beauty of each cabinet, each section of countertop, really comes to life.

How to Choose

Choose between cabinet knobs or cabinets handles and pulls…

The choice between kitchen cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls and handles may seem unimportant, but knobs and handles have different features that can alter the overall look of your kitchen.

Because kitchen cabinet knobs are round, they often give a kitchen a welcoming, home-style look that works especially well in country-themed kitchens. Kitchen cabinet handles and kitchen cabinet pulls, on the other hand, can give a kitchen a more sophisticated or elegant look.

These distinctions are fairly loose though, and you can find plenty of rustic kitchen cabinet handles as well as sophisticated kitchen cabinet knobs, if that’s what you want.

Choose hardware that will contrast with your cabinets. Accent dark wood with brass, stainless steel, chrome or nickel. Light-colored cabinets provide the perfect background for bronze, enamel or copper with an antique finish.

Metal hardware with a satin or highly polished finish can be adapted to a contemporary or traditional decor. Oil-rubbed bronze suggests a more casual style. Consider enamel and glass hardware for a Victorian home.

Glass is also available in sleek designs to accent a contemporary setting.