Benefits and Drawbacks To “White” As Kitchen Cabinet Hue

When it comes to colors for the kitchen, white is one of the more commonly used hues in this shared space.

This is due, in part, to the fact that this neutral color can be jazzed up with just about any other color or material.

benefits & Drawbacks

From bright and bold swatches to simple and staid woods, you can use white Arizona cabinets to provide a base decorative look for your kitchen and then design and decorate from there.

However, there are both benefits and drawbacks to having white as a color for your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ.


In addition to making the space look larger and more airy, white offers a comforting feel, in part because it doesn’t shock you with color upon entering the room. Rather, it draws you into the spacious nature of the room in a more welcoming way.

A white laminate will be more resistant to dirt, smudges and cracks in the paint of your Arizona kitchen cabinets. In addition to the fact that white matches just about any color, it also easily matches other types of hardware, which is a key component of your Arizona cabinets.

You can even do a dramatic finish on your cabinets, if you want something that is going to help the white to stand out.

However, perhaps the most important benefit that white kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ gives you is the freedom to change your kitchen’s design palette at any time. You aren’t tied to any one color, so you can switch it up according to the season or on a whim.

Since this shared space is reflective of everyone that lives in the house, you can even give everyone a crack at determining a color palette every so often.


There are some drawbacks to a set of Arizona kitchen cabinets.

Without the right finish, your cabinets will show every smudge, piece of dirt and blemish.

Over time, your cabinets will show signs of aging and the paint may peel or start to yellow. A high gloss finish can be too reflective in your kitchen space, which can cause an awkward glare.

If you have too little color, the white hue can come across as cold or impersonal, so the inclusion of color is imperative.

Otherwise, your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ can bring down the entire look of the space.