Creating Functional Homework Space in the Kitchen

Your modern Gilbert kitchen design serves multiple purposes and often incorporates the entire family gathering, right there, in the kitchen, at all times…

Creating Functional Homework Space in the Kitchen

Gilbert kitchens are now designed to be open, welcoming, and to have comfortable seating.

Inevitably, the kitchen will become the place of homework, studying, and science projects.

If your Gilbert kitchen is currently only serving as food preparation area, you can convert a part of it into a homework space for your children with a few changes.

The benefit of adding a homework space  is that you can monitor your children and assist them as they complete their work, while taking care of preparing dinner or doing other work.

If your kitchen is to double as a homework space, it will need to have enough room for children to be able to place books down and write. This can be accomplished with the addition of a kitchen island.

If you do add an island to your Gilbert kitchen, it should around 4 x 2.5 feet or larger to be large enough for children to sit down and work.

The homework space will need to be well lit, but if your Gilbert kitchen has a lot of natural sunlight you might not need that much artificial light.

There should be at least one high quality desk lamp for written work as well as bright overhead lights that can be turned on when needed.

Organization of the study space in your Gilbert kitchen will be important as well. You might consider storing studying materials in a different area outside of the kitchen and bringing them in as needed to keep the area organized.

Pens, art supplies and pencils can be stored nearby and computer access can be made available on a mobile device or at a desk close by.

To keep clutter at a minimum, utensils and appliances used for cooking can be moved to another location temporarily while the area is being used for homework. The study space can also be located right outside your Gilbert kitchen if there isn’t enough room directly in the kitchen.

That way the space can still be visible to you as you work in the kitchen, and your children are also close enough to get snacks.

Converting an area of your Gilbert kitchen into study space is a great way to help your children stay productive and in close proximity if they need help.


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