What a Kitchen Remodel Can Do For Your Home Resale Value

I don’t know about you, but one of the first things that I check out in a new home is the kitchen. Sure, you walk in through other areas of the home, but you kind of glide past them on your way to the kitchen.

You need to see the flooring, the countertops, the cabinets, the general layout…

And you stand there, in the kitchen, looking out at the rest of the home.

What a Kitchen Remodel Can Do For Your Home Resale Value

This is typically what everyone does, and why, if you’re selling your Gilbert home, it’s so important to make sure the kitchen looks amazing.

The kitchen will sell your home…or not.

Number one, a bright and well-lit kitchen will sell your home faster than a dark and dreary kitchen.

With the right lighting, under-cabinet lighting, spotlighting, and recessed lighting, you can create the effect that this kitchen is enormous and open.

With windows letting in natural light, either from above or various corners throughout the kitchen, you can create the effect that the kitchen is inviting and welcoming.

Number two, lighter cabinetry and lighter countertops just sell better. I think it goes to the fact that a lighter, brighter kitchen just seems larger and more inviting. If you’re currently planning your kitchen remodel, think light, bright and inviting.

Number three, appliances matter, even if you’re not selling them with the house. With the right appliances to match the theme and feel of your kitchen, potential buyers will really get the whole effect of how this kitchen will function in real life.

Number four, potential Gilbert home buyers love functionality, storage and unique ways to get more space out of your kitchen. Things like shallow spice rack drawers, hidden drawers, or countertop trash chutes are great add-ons and will help to sell the home.

Number five, nothing beats an open floor plan in 2016 for a Gilbert homeowner or potential buyer. We all want an inviting, welcoming, light, open kitchen.

And, as I revert back to the opening paragraph, we want to stand in the kitchen and look out over our home, our family. You need an open floor plan to be able to do that.

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