5 Tips to Recovering your Kitchen after the Easter

During the holidays your Gilbert kitchen cabinets and other parts of your kitchen may have taken a beating, but you can recover and reorganize things after the holiday season is over to get your Gilbert kitchen back on track and looking great again.


Clean your Gilbert kitchen cabinets

If you had family over for the holidays, the chances are that your Gilbert kitchen cabinets may have been on the receiving end of spills or other wear and tear, so a good time to give them a good cleaning is right after the holiday season. Use the appropriate cleaner based on the type of Gilbert kitchen cabinets that you own.

Store holiday themed kitchen supplies

You might have holiday themed dish towels, utensils, pans, and other kitchen items, but the time for using them is over after the holidays and you should be sure to get them back into storage.

Throw out old and expired food

Sometimes old or expired food can accumulate under the radar during the hustle of the holiday season, so you might need to go through your pantry and fridge carefully and toss out any expired foods after the holidays are over.

Reorganize your Gilbert kitchen cabinets

During the holiday season much of your kitchen can become cluttered and disorganized, and the nice dish layouts that you had set up in your cabinets before the holidays may need to be re-established. Once the buzz of the holidays is over, take the time to go through your Gilbert kitchen cabinets to reorganize everything and get your dishes and kitchen accessories set up exactly how you want them.

Think about redesigning your Gilbert kitchen cabinets and rest of your kitchen

Once you have recovered your kitchen, think about redesigning your Gilbert kitchen cabinets with a new layout along with the rest of your kitchen. There are a lot of great new trendy kitchen designs that you might consider implementing after the holidays are over. It can be something as simple as readjusting the dish and accessory layout inside of your Gilbert kitchen cabinets and changing up your countertops, or as elaborate as changing up your kitchen wall paint colors, cabinets, flooring and other major components.