Adding Luxury and Efficiency to Your Gilbert Kitchen

The kitchen is your sanctuary. It’s where you spend most of your time, where you entertain, where you have impromptu family meetings, where you have quality time with everyone in the family.


The kitchen is where you try new wine with the girls, share cooking duties with your partner, and make dinosaur pancakes for the kids.

Adding Luxury and Efficiency to Your Gilbert Kitchen

Your Gilbert kitchen needs to not only portray an essence of your personality and standing, but also be completely functional. This is where you show off a little bit, but also where you want efficiency.


Here are some of the top trends for luxury Gilbert kitchens…


Top of the Line Appliances: A double oven is always a must in luxury Gilbert kitchens, both for efficiency and for appeal.


Of course, the kitchen also needs wine refrigeration as an essential appliance, but also as a piece of art…a talking point in the kitchen.


Smart appliances that can be controlled by a touch of a button on your mobile device is quite popular in today’s luxury kitchen.


Layout: An open and inviting kitchen will always be the trend, especially in luxury kitchens. The open floorplan allows for more entertaining, more movement, and more talking points.


Pantries: With the open floor plan comes the oversized pantry. The pantry is large enough to store everything that you’d need, and than some.


Materials: Luxury Gilbert kitchens have top of the line cabinet, flooring and countertop materials. Gilbert homeowners are looking for exotic stone countertops and highly specialized, unique flooring. Granite is everywhere, but unique patterns is still drawing even the most luxurious kitchens.


Ovens: While the double oven is a must, many Gilbert homeowners are also seeking to add pizza ovens and even gas fireplaces to the kitchen.


Sinks: Multiple sinks are not only luxurious, but incredibly efficient. A sink in the island and a second sink near the dishwasher makes for added productivity in the kitchen.
If you’re thinking about a luxury kitchen remodel for your Gilbert home, give us a call!