Smart and Sneaky Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

Getting the most out of your kitchen is key to making it functional and productive. But, at the same time you don’t only want function in your Gilbert kitchen…you need design and beauty!


You need a kitchen that screams ‘this is me’ but also allows you to be incredibly product and quick.


Today let’s look at some sneaky and smart storage ideas for your kitchen that are designed and implemented in ways you probably didn’t know were possible.


5 Smart Kitchen Ideas


Slide-Out Cutting Board on Wheels: Yes, I said on wheels. I slide-out cutting board is nothing new. It adds so much functionality to the kitchen, actually saving storage space. But, a slide-out cutting board can be flimsy and ill-supported.


A slide-out cutting board on wheels is incredibly sturdy and looks amazing!!


Vertical Pull-Outs: You know that space in between the oven and the fridge? Or perhaps that useless cabinet space between the dishwasher and the wall? Well, it’s time to put that space to good use with a pull-out, vertical drawer.


These types of drawers are great for storing baking sheets and cupcake pans.


Wine Rack Drawer: Everyone needs a wine rack and wine storage, but not everyone wants it in clear view. So, why not use a drawer for wine? This is an ingenius way to store wine in the kitchen.


Want to amp up your game? Make that wine rack drawer temperature controlled!


Coffee Cubby: I love the idea of a cubby for the coffee maker and coffee cups! This is a great way to open up countertop space and add a touch of sophistication to the kitchen. I mean, who has a coffee cubby?


Basically, you’ld turn a cabinet into a beautiful pantry-type arrangement for your coffee maker and cups. When needed, just open the cabinet door. When done, hide the coffee maker!


Vertical Closets: Vertical space if often misused in Gilbert kitchens. Empty walls near the fridge can be used for cleaning or dry food storage in a vertical cabinet. Empty space next to the double oven can be used as a vertical closet for oven supplies.
Look around your Gilbert kitchen and determine which empty walls are being underutilized, than give us a call.