Family-Style Kitchens for Gilbert Homes

Gilbert is one of the most family-friendly towns you will probably ever live in. From parks to community events, family fairs to kid sports, everything in Gilbert, AZ revolves around families.

And so it would reason that many Gilbert homes would need a functional, spacious, stylish family kitchen.

Designing a family kitchen for your Gilbert home is one of our specialties!

For today’s blog, we put together some family-style design ideas for your Gilbert home!

Family-Style Kitchens for Gilbert Homes

Family-Style Kitchens

There are certain elements that make a family kitchen stand out from the rest….

Homework Areas: Of course, everyone ends up in the kitchen. Whether it’s for homework or socializing, the heart of your Gilbert home is the kitchen.

When you’re cooking dinner in the evenings, it’s not uncommon to have the kids right there with you, in the kitchen, doing homework.

Every family-style kitchen in Gilbert should have a space for homework.

Open Floor plans: Another element of the family-style kitchen is the open floor plan, allowing for a great deal of easy foot traffic from the living area to the cooking areas of the home.

The easier that you can make it for everyone to get where they need to be in the home, the happier everyone will be.

Do you have a wall in the way of your open kitchen? Don’t worry. Call Capital Mark today and our kitchen design experts will help you determine if that wall needs to go.

Storage: Every Gilbert home full of kids needs a great deal of storage. I mean, this is obvious. But, as kitchen design experts, it’s our job to make sure that your family-styled kitchen has enough storage not only for food, plates, bowls, pots and pans…but for those extra items like homework essentials, cookbooks, and luxury items like the wine chiller or cappuccino maker!

When you call Capital Mark about your kitchen renovation ideas, we’ll be sure to add as much storage and functionality as possible into your Gilbert home.

Durable Materials: Any Gilbert kitchen wil kids will take a beating. Our kitchen design experts will make sure that your kitchen has the most durable, functional materials that will withstand the test of time…and your family.

Rustic, reclaimed and pre-distressed hardwoods are a great choice for the cabinets and floors. Granite for countertops can be customized, edged and come in a variety of patterns and unique colors. Our kitchen design and countertop experts can also make sure there are no rough or sharp edges on cabinets and countertops, helping you to avoid any accidents with the kids running around.
When you’re ready for your Gilbert kitchen to get a family-styled upgrade, call our experts!