Granite Colors and Patterns; Discover How To Use Granite In Your Own Kitchen!

Granite is more than just another old stone. This stone is available in almost all colors therefore making it a very valid option when considering various kitchen designs.

Arguably best known for its use in kitchen counter tops, granite has an attractive surface to match with your appliances as well as cabinetry.

Gilbert Granite Colors & Patterns

If you want to re-model your Gilbert kitchen or are just looking to gather some information on granite designs and color patterns, read on by all means.

Who knows? You just might decide that your kitchen needs a new makeover.

Granite Color Patterns
Black and gray
Black and gray kitchen counter tops tend to give a dramatic appearance to your Gilbert kitchen. This pattern works best with contemporary kitchens that have light wood or cabinets to match. However, take caution while selecting this pattern since it only works on a narrow variety of kitchens. In case it does not work well with your kitchen, a good alternative to this is beige or brown granite.

Pure white
Granite counter tops that are pure white are very rare. Most of the time, the white granite comes with red, blue and even black specs of stone. However, you might want to use pure white granite counter tops especially if you have a small kitchen. They tend to create an open environment and a sense of space. White granite counter tops are outstanding when matched with sharp colored items such as red cabinets.

Red and blue
Though this color combination is not very common in Gilbert kitchen designs, it is definitely eye catching. It lends your kitchen a very exotic look and considering how rare it is, it will definitely make a firm impression. Combine it with bright cabinets and muted paint palette on the wall to create a stunning look for your kitchen.

Dark granite
Dark granite is a timeless design that works well in both classic and modern themed kitchens. The surface is eye catching and rather elegant when paired with white cabinets and appliances made of stainless steel. Sharp accents such as a red place mat or an orange flower vase also go well with this design.

How do I identify the best granite colors for my kitchen counter tops?
1) Gather everything. Ordering a slab of granite and hoping everything will turn out great is an expensive and unnecessary risk. Take pictures and color samples of your wall paint, appliances, cabinets and flooring and consult with an expert to identify the best colors.
2) Take time to visit showrooms. Though it is very convenient to shop online, it should not take the place of viewing the stone yourself. A picture may tell a thousand words but it may not tell the whole story. Fine patterns may be hard to capture in a picture.
3) Take your kitchen lighting into consideration. No matter how great the granite design may be, it may be difficult to appreciate it if the lighting is poor.
4) Your budget matters. Granite is hard and durable which makes it very desirable among home owners. The rarer the colors and patterns the deeper you`ll have to dig into your pocket.

Bottom line
Granite has long been a favorite among builders and Gilbert home owners, and with good reasons. Aside from elegance and durability, it is very attractive and offers a lot of different design options and variations that add beauty to your kitchen. Granite may be a little bit pricey, but in the long run, it is well worth every dime.