Ready for Your Kitchen Remodel?

Did you know that kitchens and bathrooms are the two rooms in the house where home-owners are most likely to have remodeling projects?

It makes so much sense when you consider the average amount of time members of a household spend in these two rooms on a daily basis.

If you’re still trying to decide if a full remodel is right for you, we’ve got some simple DIY tips to help you spruce up that kitchen or bathroom until it’s time for a full remodel.

Ready for Your Kitchen Remodel?
Here are someĀ great ideas you may consider when thinking of giving your kitchen a fresh new look include:
1. If your kitchen has been feeling rather bland lately, consider adding a splash of color to it. You do not even have to paint an entire wall. Just adding a bright color to a window frame or shelf will give your kitchen a new lease of life. And if you are bold enough, you can just go for the entire wall anyway. Bright colors add a happy feel to a room.
2. Do you need to add a little extra storage space in your kitchen but do not have enough room for extra cabinets? Wall railing is a great way to increase storage space in your kitchen, while offering you convenience (your utensils and pots will be within reach) and giving your kitchen that professional look you’ve always admired in TV kitchens.
3. Do you really need doors in your kitchen? Think about it. If your kitchen is modestly sized, it’s likely that the doors are only taking up space that could be utilized in other ways. You’ll not only increase your space this way but you’ll also notice that the kitchen will become well aired and naturally lit.
4. A lot of home owners dream of great granite counter tops but only a few ever get to experience this. The good news is that even though your home did not come with granite counter tops during the purchase, you could always have them installed later on. All you need to do is contact Arizona Granite and you will get a recommendation of how best to approach your remodeling project.
Next time you are out in the garden, pick some flowers, put them in a vase and place them on your kitchen counter. And just like that your kitchen will look and feelĀ much brighter!

Remember, when you’re ready for your full kitchen or bathroom remodel, we’re here for you! Give us a call. We’d love to discuss your project with you!