The Benefits of Granite Countertops for your Gilbert Kitchen Remodel

Granite is a perfect choice for the countertops if you wish to give your kitchen a makeover.

Granite countertops look elegant and sophisticated. Their sparkle also adds a touch of vibrancy to the kitchen and complements other structures to give your kitchen warmth, color, and finesse.

granite countetop in gilbert
Granite slabs can be coated with polymer resins to add to their sparkle and to ensure even more durability.

Granite countertops are very durable. Once installed, they can last for very many years without needing replacement. Granite is a very hard substance and therefore it is very difficult for granite countertops to sustain breakages or even scratches.
Granite is available in a variety of shades, there are over 20 shades of granite. This means that you can get to choose your preferred shade of granite when seeking to remodel your kitchen using granite countertops.

The white granite is a shade which you should give some consideration, it blends well with almost everything. You won’t have to worry about sharp color contrast in your kitchen when you go for it.

You shouldn’t limit yourself however, just go for the color you wish to have. You can always make a few changes here and there so that other structures match your countertop in color.

Alternatively, you can utilize the art of color blocking and go for a countertop that differs from other components of your kitchen in terms of color. This is also a great idea.
In addition to the above, granite is heat resistant and therefore it is a good choice of material for a kitchen countertop. You can easily place a hot saucepan on a granite countertop without worrying about it burning and disfiguring the surface.

Because of this, you should consider granite over other materials when doing a kitchen makeover because you will often need to lift pans from the fire and place them on the counter.

Also, granite countertops will not bulge due to exposure to heat such as that from a nearby cooker.
Granite surfaces are easy to clean. They can easily be cleaned through wiping with a wet dish cloth and then wiping them dry with a towel. You can also disinfect them occasionally with an alcohol solution. You can choose to wipe the surfaces daily with soap and water or just with water alone. It depends on the degree if dirt on the surfaces.
Lastly, granite countertops are not prone to being stained. Granite doesn’t absorb liquid and therefore it cannot easily be stained.
You should however be cautious about granite countertops because they can absorb stains and collect bacteria if left unsealed or if not properly sealed. This however shouldn’t concern you much as┬áthe granite countertop experts here at Capital Mark in Gilbert know what they’re doing!

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