Kitchen Islands Can Actually ADD Space

Every gilbert resident knows that the kitchen is the centerpiece of the house. It’s the one room where everyone is drawn to, whether it’s for parties, homework, or food.

And so the kitchen island would essentially be the heart of the kitchen, and a piece that can literally be turned into artwork with skilled craftsmen like those at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet.

Kitchen Islands Can Actually ADD Space

Gilbert Kitchen Islands – Practicality

A kitchen island is not just for looks, no, a Gilbert kitchen island is for functionality, practicality, and so much more.


Storage – When you get a custom kitchen island from Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet, you are getting the best, which means that we take advantage of every opportunity to utilize the space. Kitchen islands are a wonderful opportunity for storage space.

With many storage options, you can go with cabinets, drawers, simply shelving, even hanging hooks. There are many possibilities to turning your Gilbert kitchen island into a functional storage unit.


Lighting and Appliances – Use this space as best you can! At Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet, we love setting into kitchen island your appliances and utilizing custom lighting. Install a dishwasher, microwave, additional sink or stove-top.

Consider decorative lighting that will improve the flow of the kitchen from the island to the rest of the kitchen.


Cooking – A Gilbert kitchen island allows for another food preparation area, helping to eliminate clutter and allowing more than just you, perhaps the kids or your partner, to help with the cooking.

In fact, many home owners wrongly consider a kitchen island to take up too much space when they add additional functionality to the kitchen.


Seating – As we mentioned, everyone congregates in the kitchen, so why not offer more seating. A custom kitchen island can offer just that!


If you need more countertop space or are looking to add some additional functionality to your kitchen, stop give us a call. We’d love to discuss your project with you!