Using Hardware to Upgrade Your Kitchen

If you plan on upgrading the kitchen cabinets in your Chandler, AZ home, the hardware is a great first place to start. Upgrading your kitchen hardware is easier and less expensive than other kitchen upgrades (such as installing entirely new cabinets).

It takes just a few hours or less, and the difference that it can make in your kitchen can be dramatic, especially if you refinish or reface your kitchen cabinets at the same time.blog_kitchen hardware


Upgrade your hardware if it is outdated

If your kitchen cabinets or kitchen doors in your Chandler, Arizona home have outdated hardware, one of the fastest ways to make your kitchen look great is to upgrade it.

You can first try polishing or restoring the hardware on your kitchen cabinets, which is faster and even less expensive than buying new hardware. In some cases you may not be able to restore it and may just have to upgrade it.

If you do decide to purchase new hardware for your kitchen cabinets, be sure to pick a color and material that matches your kitchen design and cabinet finish.


Picking the right type of hardware for your kitchen cabinets

It can be a bit difficult to pick the right hardware for the kitchen cabinets in your Chandler, AZ home because of the wide range of options available. One feature to consider is the type of handle that you want to install.

Handles or pulls are two of the main options for cabinet hardware. Handles are usually slightly more complicated to install because they have two screws, while pulls usually have just one screw.

Also think about the location of the handles on your kitchen cabinets; if you install them in the same location as your old handles you won’t have to drill new holes or cover up old holes.


Picking the right material for your kitchen cabinets

Picking the right material is another major decision that you have to make when upgrading the hardware for your kitchen cabinets. Brass hardware is generally much higher in quality than other types of hardware and is preferable if you have the budget.

Zinc hardware is generally not as long lasting or durable, and durability is always a main concern with cabinet handles considering how often they are used.

Spending the extra money for brass or even stainless steel is well worth the cost, and it will also look better in your Chandler, AZ home.


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