Gilbert Kitchen Renovations: Do Your Prep Work

Once you’ve decided to take on the momentous task of renovating your kitchen, there are a number of steps you must take next.

From choosing a contractor to help you with this project to looking at color swatches to determine the best hues for your newly revamped space, each of these tasks will move your project closer to completion.

Gilbert Kitchen Renovations- Do Your Prep Work

However, in addition to making various choices in renovations work, there is prep work to be done before it’s time to call in the pros on your Gilbert kitchen renovation project.

To start, you need to have a clear idea of what kind of professionals you need to call in for the work to be done. In addition to a contractor, you may also need an electrician, plumber and interior designer, depending on the extent of the renovations and how many major elements are involved in the project.

For instance, if you are installing a new sink area in a completely different part of the kitchen for your Gilbert kitchen renovation, then you know you will need a plumber that can run an entirely new set of pipes from one side of the kitchen to the other; it isn’t enough to find a good contractor, as this is not something he can handle on your behalf.

Once you’ve got the right team in place, then it’s time to take the next step, which is defining which aspects of the Gilbert kitchen renovation are most important to you.

For instance, if making more space in your kitchen is far more important than, say, a new coat of paint on the walls or restaurant-grade appliances, this is something that needs to be communicated to your contractor, so he knows exactly where to put his focus for this particular project.

Then, you can make a budget and determine what you can spend and how you intend to spend it so that the priorities items on your list of Gilbert kitchen renovation tasks are met.

Finally, do your homework and check on things like permits and other industry rules and regulations to assure that the work is being done properly. Hiring licensed professionals can go a long way towards helping with this process and will ensure that what you hope to gain from your Gilbert kitchen renovation – be it a better looking kitchen space or added value to your home – comes to fruition.


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