Never, Ever Choose Countertops From a Granite Sample

We are going to explain why choosing a color for your kitchen granite counter tops has to include looking at full slabs and not samples. When purchasing kitchen granite counter tops, the first step is often picking the right color.

Never, Ever Choose Countertops From a Granite Sample

Typically, you will look at different samples. You might look at samples, but they are not a good representation of the full slabs. You might find one two different samples which come from one large slab but has very different designs on it.

With this kind of revelation, always make sure to see the full slab before making a purchase. You might also find that the sample does not match the slab itself.

It might not have the same:

1. Texture

2. Colors

3. Patterns


The large slab might have different shades of the same pattern, making it the right thing to see in case one needs to make a decision. Some might have different granite designs. This begs a conclusion that the colors might not be the issue, it’s how the colors are laid out.

Sometimes it’s easy to scrap off a particular sample because of how it looks. You can find a consistent grain with a simple look. It might not look attractive. The difference comes when you look at the whole slab. It might have a totally different design as a whole which might strike one’s attention.

The uniqueness of the granite can be on the sample which can fit your idea of how the kitchen would look like. The rule of thumb is to look at the whole slab, which is greater than the sample.

There are also consistent stones which are used in modern kitchen homes. An example of one is called a green butterfly. The difference between this sample and the samples we have looked at above is how the close similarity between the sample and the slab.

Consistent granites also have a difference if you take one sample and use it on different slab types. For instance, the green butterfly has different designs which vary on minute details. It again falls to the conclusion that samples, even though they have the same design name, might be different from the full slab.

What we are clearly stating is that granite samples are not the best pieces to base a decision of purchasing a slab for your kitchen counter top. It’s important to note that the showrooms should have updated samples of the granite because most of the designs vary. Get into a showroom and take a look an the entire slab of granite before you make your final decision.