Exceptional Kitchen Designs Complimented by Beautiful Appliances

Fully integrated appliances have become a hot trend here in Gilbert, Arizona kitchens. They are beautifully crafted, designed to be flawlessly integrated into your kitchen remodel, and work more proficiently than most kitchen appliances.

When you’re in the process of remodeling your Gilbert kitchen, sometimes appliances can take a back seat to granite countertops, custom granite edges, islands, unique sinks, custom-made cabinets, and everything else.

Often, Gilbert homeowners will leave the appliances to the very last decision…basically filling in the gaps in the newly remodeled kitchen with a fridge that will fit, or a dishwasher that subtly slides in to place.

Exceptional Kitchen Designs Complimented by Beautiful Appliances

Well, take it from the kitchen remodeling experts:

Don’t do this!

Your kitchen appliances should be unique to fit the style of your kitchen, and should serve a more customized approach to kitchen functionality.

Integrated kitchen appliances are beautifully crafted appliances that match the theme, colors, and decor of your Gilbert kitchen.

It can be a fridge designed to look like the cabinets that surround it.

It can be a dishwasher designed to look like the drawers that surround it.

It can be a microwave that is so well designed you don’t even notice it’s there.

Integrated kitchen appliances are literally appliances that are camouflaged to blend seamlessly into the design of your kitchen.

So, who specifically will benefit from fully integrated appliances?

If you have Capital Mark Interiors designing a custom, high-end kitchen for your Gilbert home, you absolutely need fully integrated appliances.

If you have custom colors or custom-built cabinets in your Gilbert kitchen, you absolutely need to have fully integrated appliances.

If stainless steel has run it’s course in your kitchen, has resulted in too many fingerprints and too many hours spent cleaning, fully integrated appliances might be the right fit for you.

The best thing that you can do when determining if you’ll want fully integrated, custom appliances in your newly remodeled Gilbert kitchen is to just ask the experts…the skilled craftsman and designers here at Capital Mark!


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