How to Keep Granite Countertops Clean and Food-Safe

Many people in Gilbert, AZ enjoy their granite countertops. With unique, natural patterns and hard, smooth surfaces, granite countertops easily fit into the design of many homes. They are known for being easy and safe to use. Granite is also a popular countertop material because it doesn’t require much maintenance. However, granite does require some maintenance.


Below are the steps that you need to do to keep your granite clean and food-safe and ensure that it looks just as beautiful as the day you had it installed:

How to Keep Granite Countertops Clean and Food-Safe

Wipe It Down Regularly

If you place food –any food- on your countertop, a few things happen. First, the food leaves remnants behind. Second, those remnants can attract insects. Third, the remnants might affect the sealant used on the countertop. When any of these three processes occur, your countertop needs to be wiped down.


Sure, a few crumbs aren’t going to wear down the granite. They are however, waiting to be cross-contaminated with other foods and to attract creatures who can slowly wear down the material and leave other less-than-sanitary deposits on the surface. So, every time you use the countertop, wipe it down with a simple rag.


Use The Correct Cleaning Products

Of course, you’ll need to do more than just wipe down your countertop once in a while to keep it safe for food prep. You should thoroughly wash or scrub your granite at least once a week or after making major messes on it. Just be sure to look for cleaning products that are labelled safe for kitchen use and even safe for use on granite. Some cleaning products without that label can cause the seal on the granite to disintegrate.


Avoid Placing Extremely Hot Pans or Using Sharp Knives Directly on Granite

Although very durable, granite should be treated with care if for no other reason than that the seal on it is susceptible to wearing down. Without that seal, the pores of the granite are exposed. Mold and other dangers can grow inside those pores. Avoid using knives directly on the granite or placing hot pans on the granite surface in order to preserve the seal for longer.


Watch Out for Chips and Worn Away Places

Likewise, watch for your granite to gain chips or worn down spots on it. This can happen with age and use. When it does, it’s time to have your granite countertops resealed so that they are safe for use in your Gilbert, AZ kitchen.


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