Remodel Your Kitchen For Better Access

One of the things you might not automatically consider when remodeling for the best cabinets or countertops is the accessibility factor of the space. You want to ensure that your kitchen is accessible to others and to yourself should you find that you need different options down the road.

Renovating your kitchen now for the purposes of accessibility should be a priority because not only does this add value to your home, but also it ensures that your home remains a space that you can use no matter what.

Remodel Your Kitchen For Better Access

For instance, the best cabinets you can purchase for your Gilbert home is one in which the countertops are reachable from a wheelchair, as are the sink and kitchen cabinets. Properly position your food prep area to ensure that it is easily accessible within the open layout of your kitchen.

The less obstacles in your way when it comes to getting to the main areas of your kitchen, the better it is for anyone in a wheelchair or other incapacitated trying to navigate around your home.

A kitchen island, while trendy, is not useful for this purpose, as well. It can be hard to navigate around in a kitchen with an island, as it offers a major obstacle in the way. If you have someone that visits frequently or you have plans to age in place, then you might consider skipping the island when you are re-designing your kitchen and choosing the best cabinets, appliances and countertops.

Additionally, with accessibility in mind, make sure that there is a radius of at least five feet from countertops to appliances. Additionally, the best cabinets for this purpose are those set at heights that make it easy for a person in a wheelchair to access the shelving units within.

Appliances are also a consideration; for instance, your renovation might include a side-by-side refrigerator, as this is more wheelchair friendly than one that has an upper and lower opening function.

These are things that you might think you don’t have to consider, as you certainly don’t anticipate any issues with health in the coming years. However, for those interested in making their homes a more elder-ready space, this is a good first step.

It ensures that you can utilize your home in the future, no matter what changes you might encounter. It also ensures that your family and friends will be comfortable in the space no matter what their situation may be as well.


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