3 Small Kitchen Changes That Make a Big Impact

If you’re looking to make some major changes to your Gilbert home kitchen before the holidays roll around, you’re seriously running out of time.

I don’t mean to break it to you harshly, but, unless you call us right this second, know exactly what you want, and we can get you scheduled in…maybe you’d have time. But, in reality, as we move closer to October, getting a full-scale Gilbert home kitchen remodel completed before Halloween would be nearly impossible.


However, there are some small, exclusive changes that you can make to your Gilbert kitchen that will hold you over until you can get that full-scale kitchen remodel…


By simply adding some custom lighting, or unique lighting, you can make a small, exclusive kitchen change that truly alters the entire mood of your Gilbert kitchen.

Bar lights, under-cabinet lights or other ambient lighting will help give a new feel to your kitchen.


In reality, even with the holidays just around the corner, we can get in there and get you a stunning new countertop asap. Truly, it only takes about 24-hours from demo to install…after you’ve chosen what you want.

New countertops can change the entire theme of your kitchen. New countertops can take your kitchen to the next level.

Knock out a Wall

Seriously…just grab a sledgehammer and knock down a wall! Actually, slow down a bit, you should probably let the kitchen remodel experts handle that part.

But, if you need a kitchen upgrade before the holidays, but either don’t have the budget or time to commit to a full-scale kitchen remodel…adding a new twist to your kitchen by knocking out a wall can make all the difference.

Have our kitchen design experts come out to your home and give you some ideas on how knocking out a wall can add space and functionality to your kitchen.

Interested in any of these intriguing ideas? Call us now!


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