Preparing for a Gilbert Kitchen Remodel

Sometimes, the toughest part of your Gilbert kitchen remodel is not the remodel itself, but the days, weeks, sometimes months with limited access to your kitchen. Many countertop fabrication shops need weeks to replace your countertops, giving you little or no access to your kitchen. But, if you know how to prepare for a kitchen remodel, you can remain one step ahead of the game.blog_prepping for kitchen remodel


One Day Countertop Program

Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet is one of the only kitchen remodel companies that offers the One Day Countertop Program. With this program, we are able to remove and replace new countertops in one day with no down time, no wait, and no kitchen usage restrictions during the remodel.


A template for your new countertops is fabricated based on the measurements of your kitchen. Without a costly and messy demo we get the proper metrics to fabricate your new countertop in our warehouse. Once the new countertop is created we install without ripping out any appliances or sinks.


Preparing for a ‘Traditional’ Kitchen Remodel

When doing a complete kitchen remodel, where all cabinetry, countertops, and more need to be replaced, there will be some downtime. However, in understanding that there will be downtime you can prepare for the remodel by following some simple steps:


  • Keep communication transparent. Make sure you select a trustworthy, BBB accredited business that will stand by its timeline. Ask all of the right questions such as “will the work start immediately or after the countertops and cabinets have arrived,” and “will you be taking care of all permits,” and “how many people will be in my home on any given day,” and the most important “how long will this take.”
  • Remove anything that can be broken in the remodel such as pictures, furniture, and appliances.
  • If the install team does not cover everything, grab a tarp from your local hardware store and cover carpets, furniture, everything that is near the kitchen. In a kitchen remodel, the dust can become quite heavy, so even things that are not in the kitchen need to be covered.
  • Keep the essential food items and appliances available. If need be, place those food items in an ice chest and use the microwave from a different room. Purchase disposable cups and plates, as you probably won’t be able to use your kitchen sink or dishwasher while the remodel is underway.
  • Create a temporary kitchen for you and your family. Think simple, camping-style meals that do not require the use of a stove. Perhaps this is the time to cash in on all of those restaurant gift cards you’ve been saving.
  • Decide which bathroom the remodel team will be allowed to use.
  • Protect your kids, and your pets, from getting in the way and possibly injuring themselves. Lock up the dogs or keep them outside, put the cats in a separate bedroom and remind the kids that the kitchen is off limits.


If you are looking to go big with a full kitchen remodel, follow the above steps to prepare.

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