Lighting Can Change Your Entire Kitchen

We talk an awful lot about kitchen lighting here on the kitchen remodel blog. And while we focus mainly on upscale, high-end, unique kitchen designs for Gilbert homeowners…not everyone has the budget for a full scale kitchen remodel.

But sometimes it doesn’t have to take a full scale kitchen remodel in order to brighten up your kitchen, or give it that modern, newly remodeled look.

Lighting can take your kitchen to the next level. Properly placed, unique lighting can take your Gilbert kitchen from old to modern in seconds.


Today, let’s dive into the three simple tricks for giving your Gilbert that newly remodeled look without actually remodeling anything.

Under Cabinet Lighting

It seems simple, but under cabinet lighting can make the biggest difference for your kitchen. In fact, by placing a few carefully selected lights under your cabinets can take your kitchen from drab to wow.

Consider different lighting colors, strengths and positions for your under cabinet lighting. Also consider this type of lighting for the cabinets on the ground as well.

In-Cabinet Lighting

Another simple trick that will make your Gilbert kitchen look newly remodeled is lighting placed inside cabinets.

With specially selected lighting that might be of various strengths and colors, you can add spotlight features to your kitchen that attract the eye and wow the mind.

Unique Lighting

Finally, a simple trick to giving your kitchen that newly remodeled look and feel is highly unique lighting.

You might not have the budget right now for a full scale, high-end, Capital Mark kit hem remodel…but one or two unique lighting features might do the trick for now.

And I’m not talking a cheap lighting fixture from Home Depot…no…I’m talking something that you’ve never seen before that you special ordered online from a custom light manufacturer on the East Coast, or somewhere in Seattle.


Get creative. Without the budget for a full scale kitchen remodel, you need to get creative to give your kitchen that ‘wow’ factor.



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