Engineered Countertops vs Granite

Choosing the right materials for your Gilbert kitchen remodel can be tough. You’ve got the cabinets, the flooring, and the countertops to consider. That’s not even including the appliances, sink and faucets. While we always recommend granite countertops, there are many other materials that can be used to get the job done.

Engineered Countertops vs Granite

Engineered Countertops

Engineered stone is made from mostly rock, and while home owners tend to choose granite over anything else because of its durability and color patterns, engineered countertops can offer some similar attributes.

Made from stone aggregrate, or real rock particles. This aggregrate is mixed with resin and pigments to produce a uniform produce with no imperfections and great strength.

Unlike granite, where you need to visit the showroom to see first-hand the granite slab that will be used for your countertops, engineered stone will match seamlessly in color and pattern the whole way through.

Engineered stone requires less maintenance, has great resistance to stains, can be cleaner in terms of bacteria build-up, and can last quite a long time.

However, if chipped, scratched or cracked, engineered stone cannot be repaired as easily as granite.