From Garland to Lights – Holiday Kitchen Decorating Safety Tips

This holiday season you might decide to update your Gilbert kitchen with holiday décor, but be aware of some of the safety precautions that you should take to avoid injury or a fire. There are over 500 fires per year and Gilbert kitchen fires are more common than other types of fires.

Be careful when using ladders in your Gilbert kitchen

If you are using ladders to install lighting or other décor in your Gilbert kitchen be sure to follow the safety procedures for that particular ladder. Step ladders should not be used past the second step, and make sure that the ladder you decide to use is durable and sturdy. If you can’t put the ladder on sturdy ground in your Gilbert kitchen, do not use it.


Keep flammable objects away from flames

You might not realize that oven fires are one of the most common causes of Gilbert kitchen fires during the holiday season. With Gilbert kitchen oven fires being more common during the holiday season you will want to be extra cautious of keeping your decorations far away from the oven and open flames. Towels, paper decorations, pot holders and aprons should be stored away from the stove and oven.


Install lights that are properly rated for indoor use

If you decide to install lights in your Gilbert kitchen, be sure that they are properly rated for indoor use. The safest bet is to purchase new lights rather than risk using older lights that might short out and cause a fire. Be aware that electrical fires are one of the leading causes of Gilbert kitchen and house fires during the holiday season, and only use lights that are properly rated and tested.


Follow electrical safety guidelines

When installing lighting or working with electricity you need to be extra careful, as electrical shocks send over 5,000 people to the emergency room every holiday season. Be sure that you are using properly insulated gloves when needed, that you shut off electricity when installing new lighting or that you hire an electrician if you are updating your Gilbert kitchen lighting. When you don’t know how to do the job it’s better to hire an expert than take a risk of injuring yourself.


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