Helpful Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Your Gilbert, AZ., kitchen is more than just another space in your house to add new cabinets and floors, it’s a space that along with looking great, needs to be functional and easy to work and live in.

1.   Think about how and what kitchen items you use the most in your Gilbert, AZ., kitchen. Take note as to what items you need more storage for.

2.   A good rule of thumb for space in your kitchen is if it is a one-cook kitchen the path within the cooking zone should be 42 inches wide and the width for a two-cook path should be 48 inches wide. Be sure that if you add a kitchen island you give yourself enough walking and cooking space around the entire island.

3.   When designing your Gilbert, AZ., kitchen remodel, try and keep the cooktop in an area that kids and other guests do not walk past very often. This will help avoid catching handles and causing spills while trying to cook.

4.   Also make sure that there is enough space and easy access to the refrigerator for both people walking in and out of the kitchen and people cooking in the kitchen.

5.   In order to make your Gilbert, AZ., cabinets completely functional make sure there is plenty of space for the doors open all the way and do not bang into each other when they are open at the same time.

6.   If you choose to have a kitchen island that will function as a cooking station and a dining area, be sure that there is adequate space for the cooktop to be separate from the dining area. This will help avoid not only spills, but clutter.

7.   When designing, allow yourself at least 15 inches minimum of counter space on each side of your kitchen sink, as well as around the cooktop, microwave, and refrigerator.

8.   A very functional piece to add to your kitchen remodel would be a swing-out tap or pot filler, which is installed just above the cooktop. This is a very helpful thing to have in your kitchen so you do not have to fill up pots with water and then try and carefully carry them throughout your kitchen and back to the cooktop, instead you can fill your pots with water right at the cooktop.


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