The Best Kitchen and Bathroom Countertop Material Is…

Granite is known as one of the best materials for constructing countertops.

Despite the intense competition from other flooring materials, granite remains the preferred choice among the varieties of natural stones. For more than a century, granite countertop have been valued for beauty and durability.

It lasts longer than some of its counterparts. Granite durability was discovered to emanate from its interlocking crystal structure found.

The countertop material got a grainy look from this structure. The flexibility of granite and also the ability to generate various designs from it worths mentioning. This material is made up of different types of crystals. It is crucial to note that the variation in the crystal structure of granite constitute the primary factor behind the different colors it produces.

The admired colors are white, grey, pink and orange. The various colors of this material made it very easy to choose a type of granite that will perfectly suit one’s preferred kitchen or bathroom design.

Granite countertops are capable of resisting scratches that may arise from an object or activities going on in the place of its installation. This resistance was made possible by the granite’s hard nature. This ability to resist scratches helps its users to enjoy a reduction in the rate of maintenance when it’s properly sealed. The continuous increase in demand for granite can add to the resale value of homes.

Granite countertops can be a great plus to a kitchen design. The pattern and color of granite can pull all the components of the kitchen together. These models come in different colors which can be solid, marbled or speckled in nature. Solid looking granite is an excellent option for small kitchens where marble looking surfaces might make a room look small. There is a smooth transition between color and texture in marble granite. This transition can help to generate beautiful appearance to the overall look of the kitchen.

Furthermore, speckled granite can provide dramatic visual interest to the kitchen and are a great inflexion to plain cabinetry. Functionality might be regarded as the number one factor in choosing a kitchen countertop; the case can be a different when bathroom countertop is selected. Functionality may not be necessary for such situation. The reason for this variation in choice is because bathroom countertops don’t usually take the thrashing kitchen countertop does. The adoption of granite countertop for the construction of a kitchen and bathroom counter can generate a distinctive look for a house.


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