What To Do With That Space Above the Cabinets

Do you have that space above the cabinets…that space which you have no idea what to do with?

You’re not alone. In fact, most of the homes that we go to for kitchen remodels have that awkward space above the cabinets, and more often then not the homeowner is frustrated with how to decorate that space.


Well, we have some ideas for you…


You can do anything and everything with lighting. Looking to, well, brighten up a space? Add some lighting!

Kitchen lighting has come so far over the past few years, that we had to include lighting in our list of decorating tips for the space above the cabinets.

With the right lighting, you can brighten up the kitchen itself, certain aspects of the kitchen, artwork on the walls or decor above the cabinets.

From LED to track, flush to pendant, even string and Christmas lights can be used to illuminate the space above the cabinets.


The simplest, and sometimes most effective depending on what you’re Gilbert kitchen, technique is paint above the cabinets. That’s it!

By selecting that perfect color to compliment the rest of the kitchen, a simple, elegant and professional paint job might be all that space above the cabinets needs.

Letters, Numbers and Messages

A huge trend that picked up steam last year was the freestyle lettering, numbers and messages placed in that space above the cabinets.

Perhaps you prefer messages speaking to the love within the family, or something more light-hearted speaking to the gathering place or cooking that takes place in the kitchen.

Get creative, use colors that compliment the kitchen, and share your family message.

Marquee lettering has also taken Gilbert kitchens by storm…another way to use lighting and messaging together!

No matter how you decide to decorate that space above the cabinets, make it personal and make sure it compliments the rest of the kitchen and home.


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