8 Ways to Maximize Storage in Your Gilbert Kitchen

Let’s talk Gilbert kitchen storage. Gilbert is full of large families, and with large families comes the need for utilizing every single space of your home efficiently, especially the kitchen. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times – the kitchen of your Gilbert home is the heart and soul of that house.

Everyone gathers there, and, in this case, everyone has their things in the kitchen as well. From homework to work documents to a toy here and there, and then there’s the actual kitchen essentials such as plates, pots and pans.

So, how do you make it all fit? Let the experts at Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet let you in on a few trade secrets.

Windowsills – You might not have ever considered it, but you can actually use windowsills for efficient storage areas. Easily tuck away small appliances and other kitchen essentials on any extended windowsill.

Baskets – Gilbert loves baskets, probably because they are simple, quaint, and a bit country. By adding some baskets to your Gilbert kitchen you can add an inexpensive, attractive solution for storing towels, fruits and veggies, or larger kitchen utensils.

Islands – Gilbert kitchen islands aren’t just for a few cabinets, they can be efficiently utilized for storage of all kinds. Consider adding cabinets around the entire island. Place appliances within the island to open up counter space in other areas of the kitchen for more storage. The island is also becoming quite the popular place to store wine with custom made wine racks.

Custom Cabinets – Many skilled craftsmen can work custom cabinetry into your kitchen design to allow specifically for more storage.

Fridge Space – You know that annoying space between the fridge and the wall? That little empty space that stares at you every day? Well, why not utilize that space with a custom-made, rolling storage unit that fits in perfectly. This rolling storage unit can be used for spices and more.

Tilt-Out Storage – While these might not be as popular as they once were, adding tilt-out storage to false drawers adds some much needed storage.

Cabinet Corkboard – At Capital Mark, we absolutely love the idea of lining the inside of your cabinets with corkboard. This is wonderful for Gilbert families with many kids or school-age kids. By lining the inside of your cabinets, you can pin recipes, homework, To Do lists, and reminders to the areas that you see most often – the inside of your cabinets.

Up on Top – Another area that is often under-utilized in Gilbert kitchens is the space above your cabinets. Many Gilbert residents will fill that space with decorative items, but that space can be more efficiently used as a storage area. Consider decorative storage baskets for that area.

There are literally hundreds of ways to increase storage space in your Gilbert kitchen. One of the best ways to get ideas and inspiration is to stop by our Gilbert kitchen showroom on Val Vista and Ray, where our kitchen designers can help you determine the perfect kitchen layout to maximize storage space.


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