Bathroom Remodel Trends for the Summer

If you are planning a bathroom remodel project for your Chandler, AZ home during the summer, there are several of great trend ideas that you may want to incorporate into your project.

It will give your bathroom a unique summer feeling that will carry on into the other seasons, and the summer is the perfect time to plan and execute your design project.

Below are some trend ideas that you might want to include for your next bathroom remodel.


Create a romantic getaway

It can be very relaxing for couples to have a romantic getaway right in their home, and you may not need to add very much to your current bathroom in order to achieve this effect. Some ideas can include adding a freestanding tub, installing a whirlpool tub if you have the room, or changing up the color tones.

Some good ideas for romantic color tones include deep red, pink, and cream, and you can incorporate this color scheme into the paint as well as the décor.

Design a Zen garden in your bathroom

You might also want to consider creating a Zen garden theme which can create a very relaxing atmosphere for your bathroom that your family and guests will be sure to love. The Zen theme can incorporate design elements like a rock garden, bamboo towel racks, a walk in shower with a waterfall showerhead, water fountains, incense burners, and stone countertops.

Zen bathroom designs also work well with plenty of natural sunlight, so consider installing new windows or increasing the size of your current windows in the bathroom. You might even want to install a sunbathing area to catch some of the Arizona sun in the comfort of your home.

Try a Mediterranean theme

The Mediterranean design theme has proven to be popular in homes in Chandler, AZ, and might consider it for your next bathroom remodel. It was a big style during the early 20th century that has started to emerge again, and it includes design elements like stucco walls, hand rubbed metal fixtures, stone tiles, and tile sinks.

The design can also incorporate arches where they are appropriate, and in general many of the materials used for the bathroom remodel should come from the earth such as natural stone, marble, or terracotta. Earth tones work best for the color scheme, and you might even consider adding Moorish themed flooring with a variety of colorful tiles in shades of blue, red, green and gold.


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