Properly Maintaining Gilbert Granite Countertops

If you have just had granite countertops installed it’s extremely important that you consider the right course of action for actually maintaining your granite countertops with ease.

Here are some of the top strategies that you can use to maintain granite countertops and properly seal them for the future:

Regular cleaning: regular cleaning is the best way to keep granite countertops from cracking and from potentially becoming discolored. Certain types of mold and bacteria can very easily start to discolor a countertop and change the look of granite over time.

In order to regularly clean a countertop, it’s important that you blotted down with a paper towel on spills as well as use soft detergent in warm water for cleaning.

Reseal every 10 to 15 years: in many cases countertops will need to be resealed every 10 to 15 years. Olephobic stain usually needs to be done in a well ventilated area and evenly applied according to the specifications of each manufacturer.

If you start to see the stain on your countertop starting to fade or blank spots in the finish, it’s extremely important that you do what you can to reseal the countertop immediately or stains could become permanent.

Be careful with heat, weight and other concerns: depending on the finish that is on your granite countertop you need to make sure that you are always using some type of coaster on the surface. It’s also it’s really important that you never expose granite countertops to extensive heat or weight in one specific place.

This can often lead to the chance of chipping, cracking or scratches.

Consider some of these top care tips when you are looking to maintain Granite countertops for the future.

By following some of these top maintenance tips you can enjoy a much easier time with your granite countertops and their lifespan.


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