Elite Kitchen Remodel Trends

Some decades ago, the kitchen was the room where nobody entered except for the people who cooked or cleaned. However, this perspective changed completely and we now look at the kitchen as one of the most important rooms in our homes. After all, this is where you eat your meals and where you meet the family whenever you come home.

And this is just one reason why you may need a kitchen remodel. However, a kitchen remodel may not be that easy to do because there’s new technology coming out that you want to incorporate on this amazing open space where you can have all the family gathered.

So, if you’re planning a kitchen remodel, here are some of the 2017 trends:

#1: Make It A Smart Kitchen:

There are many different appliances that you can have that will turn your old kitchen into a smart kitchen ready to help you out on almost any tasks. Just to give you some ideas, you have coffee makers that will have your fresh coffee ready every morning or fridges that alert you when you’re running low on groceries items.

#2: Cabinet Colors:

The latest trends in what concerns kitchen remodel continue to choose white as the preferred color for cabinets. They’re not only beautiful as they are also timeless and look good no matter the kitchen style you prefer.

Despite white cabinets are still the number 1 choice, were starting to see some gray cabinets as well, especially when you want to add a chic look to your kitchen.

One color that might be a surprise for you is black. Yes, there are, in fact, some new kitchen designs that are already using some black cabinets. And unlike what you may think, they can create a deep rich luxurious atmosphere that neither the white or gray cabinets can.

#3: Designs, Textures, And Materials

There have been some changes in what concerns the materials and textures use in the latest kitchen remodels we have been seeing. The new trend seems to be the increased use of stone and concrete instead of the use of ceramic, a must just a few years back.

One of the main trends in a kitchen remodel that we are expecting to see is the reinvention of the kitchen islands and countertops. You should be able to see curved kitchen islands that will create a softer space and give your kitchen a new dimension.

#4: Don’t Exclude Quartz:

Even when you’re kitchen remodeling, make sure that you leave the quartz. There’s no better material for kitchen countertops that quartz. This material can virtually last forever, is anti-microbial, extremely easy to clean, and is very hardy. Despite granite can also work pretty well, the fact is quartz offer a mix of beauty and practicability that granite doesn’t.

In terms of the colors, we are starting to see the use of more neutral and softer colors. And this is a big trend in kitchen remodel. You’ll see quartz countertops in taupe, gray, white, and creamy.


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