Upscale Kitchen Remodeling – Should You Choose Granite?

When you’re thinking about upscale kitchen remodeling in Arizona, you immediately think about using granite. When you’re looking for the best countertops, it will be highly unlikely that you the find one article that doesn’t mention granite. It’s just a favorite choice for most upscale kitchen remodeling project you may have.

Despite the fact that granite is not only natural and beautiful, there are other choices that you can consider as well. The thing about granite is that we’ve been seeing a drop in the prices because more companies are not only importing it as they are also fabricating it here.

One of the main factors that tend to attract a lot of people to granite when they are upscale kitchen remodeling is the color. It comes in browns but it can also come in golds, greens, grays, and even greens. Although prices vary and some of the most exotic can cost $400 per square foot, you will probably get a significantly lower price, starting from $50 per square foot.

One of the latest trends in what concerns countertops for people who use professional kitchen designers has been the replacement of the granite by quartz. Despite they still use granite – honed granites and not glossy granites, the engineered quartz countertops are gaining traction. And there are several reasons for this replacement. Quartz looks very natural and is very durable. The main difference between the two is that while quartz tends to be more uniform in pattern, granite usually has grains and movement.

One thing that we have been seeing lately is that more and more homeowners aren’t only using one material in the entire kitchen as they used to do. Thy are now mixing different materials and this is not only because of the way it looks; it has a lot to do with practicality as well. For example, when you’re looking for the right material for serving, you might choose granite because it’s more heat-resistant. However, if you’re looking for the material for the prep area, the quartz is probably the best since the cleanup will be faster and easier.

Here are the main differences between the granite and the quartz:

* Granite: It’s a natural stone that is available in multiple colors. While some granites are subtle, there are others that have strong veining. The main advantages of using granite are heat resistant, extremely durable, and it rarely chips or scratches. In what concerns the disadvantages, granite can be expensive, may need regular resealing, and is heavy.

* Quartz: It’s engineered and is a combination of the quartz stone with resins that are then molded to give it a more natural look. They usually tend to mimic limestone, marble, granite, among others. The main advantages of quartz are bacteria resistant. extremely durable, stain resistant, nonporous, and it doesn’t need to be sealed. In what concerns the disadvantages, quartz can also be expensive and is not as heat-tolerant as granite because of the resins.


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