Why Granite Countertops Are Still So Popular

Granite countertops remain one of the most popular choices in Chandler, AZ homes for several reasons; they are durable, beautiful and they improve the value of a kitchen tremendously. With the availability of many different types of granite patterns, it has become one of the most widely sought after countertop materials in spite of many other comparable options like quartz, marble and wood. Granite countertops simply have a quality and luxurious look that few other materials can match, and their cost continues to be comparable to some of the other higher end materials.

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You can’t go wrong with granite countertops

Many homeowners worry about making the wrong choice when picking new countertops for their Chandler home. One of the main reasons why granite is popular is because of how widely desirable it is. It is considered to be an attractive feature in any new home, and as long as the pattern is fairly neutral, which most granite patterns are, it will improve the value of the kitchen. A new home buyer is not likely to switch out high quality granite countertops, and because they are such a safe choice it helps to maintain their popularity


Granite countertops are easier to maintain

Another major advantage is that granite countertops are easier to maintain. Maintenance comes to down to sealing the countertops once every six months to a year, and outside of that they are very easy to clean. They are resistant to many types of damage as well as heat, while other countertop materials can easily become scratched or burned. Cleaning up spills or other messes on granite is easy, but other materials can stain or require more effort to clean up. In general, granite is a great option for a home that uses the kitchen frequently because of how durable it is.


Granite countertops simply look great

The main reason why granite countertops are still popular is simply because they look great in almost any kitchen. There are few other materials that can match the luster, shine and luminous quality that granite countertops offer. Other types of natural stone like marble are also luxurious looking but aren’t as durable as granite. Granite always looks great regardless of its pattern and color, and with the wide range of patterns available, granite can be used for several different types of kitchen designs. Granite countertops have one of the best combinations of an attractive visual appeal, durability, price, and ease of maintenance.


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