Gilbert Bathroom Remodeling

If you are considering a Gilbert bathroom remodel, Capital Mark Granite and Cabinet in Gilbert offers a variety of services, including cabinets and unique granite countertops. We pride ourselves on offering unrivaled services with our One Day Countertop Program, an unmatched program that gives us the ability to replace bathroom countertops quicker than much of our competition.


Granite is the preferred material for countertops for many reasons. It is the most commonly used material for Arizona countertops, and nationwide statistics have shown that simply adding granite countertops can dramatically increase the resale value of a home. In fact, granite countertops add more resale value to your home than any other material and are a great choice when it comes to your Gilbert bathroom remodel.


One of the main reasons why Arizona loves granite countertops is due to its durability. Granite is one of the most robust, naturally occurring compounds on earth, which makes it highly resistant to scratching, cracking, and fading. At the same time, granite is beautifully unique, presenting a wide range of distinct patterns and colors and perfect for your Gilbert bathroom remodel.